About RKG Capital Ltd

RKG Capital began serving our clients in 2018, founded by our CEO, Mr. Ravi Kumar. We carry a range of Private Wealth Planning and Financial Services Solutions perfected to your needs. Our financial experts are ever ready to assist you in turning your financial visions into reality.

With well over 2,000 clients globally and in excess of USD 500,000,000 Assets Under Advise, RKG aims to guide you towards a successful future whether it’s your investments, your business, your career, your aspirations, your life objectives, and your family goals. We emphasize on expert advice and give our support at every stage of your life.

Board of Directors

Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Kumar is the Group CEO and Founder of RKG Wealth since 2016 and RKG Capital since 2018. Born in Malaysia in 1984, Ravi Kumar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & he is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He established his financial advisory career for the last 12 years with extensive experience in all matters of financial services. He is dedicated to serve the clients of RKG and to personally groom RKG’s advisors towards global standards.

Ravi Kumar has also won numerous financial awards locally and internationally. Under his wings, Ravi Kumar has grown RKG’s portfolio to a USD 500M asset under advise, with over 2,000 clients globally. RKG is dedicated to become a leading firm globally in investments and financial planning under his leadership.

Frank Vos

Frank Vos

Chief Marketing Officer

Frank Vos is the Chief Marketing Office RKG Capital since 2019. Frank Vos holds a Masters in International Relations. He has established his career in marketing and client relations for the last 15 years with extensive experience in all marketing and relations matters.

Frank Vos also a CMO and co-founder of Greenwhite Marketing and Virtio Hosting. He is dedicated to serve the clients of RKG. Frank Vos will be leading RKG globally for customer relations and marketing to ensure operations runs smooth.

Elvi Diana SE., MM, CFP, AEPP

Elvi Diana SE., MM, CFP, AEPP

Head of Indonesia & Senior Wealth Advisor

Started her career 18 years ago in which she spent 15 years as professional Bankers. Later while she works, she took her time to study Financial Investment in Financial & Estate Planning.

She started her Banking carrier in Citibank Jakarta since 1999 until 2004, After about 2 (two) years she moved to Bank Mandiri and was appointed Area Sales Manager in Priority Banking Department. She moved further to work in several Foreign Banks up to 2015. She held the position of Senior Branch Manager in several Foreign Banks, was Private Banker of CIMB Niaga Bank Indonesia. Consumer Finance in ANZ Bank Indonesia, AVP in PT Indosurya Asset Management, and planning to become a Financial Expert & Entrepreneur.

In 2014, Graduated from Magister Asian Banking Finance Institute of PERBANAS Jakarta. Certified Financial Planning since 2009 and still active until now as Financial Advisor.

In 2016 she joined the Insurance Industry as Senior Agency Manager. Upon learning that most common people do not understand and not able to manage their wealth and asset well, she plans to study further to pursue a doctorate degree in Economic and later on work as a Professional Financial Consultant.
In 2019 she has joined RKG Capital as the Head of Indonesia and a Senior Wealth Advisor to develop sound Private Wealth Management in Indonesia


Dudy Fuady Hidayat Zakaria

Dudy Fuady Hidayat Zakaria

Head of Indonesia and Senior Wealth Manager

Dudy started his career as a fund marketing manager at CIMB Niaga in 2004. He was managing the marketing department. In 2008 he was a Senior Relationship Manager at Commonwealth Bank Indonesia dealing with high net worth individuals. That gave him an exposure to the international markets. In 2011 he was the Team Head for DBS Bank Indonesia for the treasury department and moved on to Sucor Assets Management as the Head of Equity. He has an extensive knowledge on markets and understanding the global economic movement.

In 2016 Dudy joined back CIMB Securities as the AVP in charge of equities division. Dudy has been head hunted by many assets management company due to his expertise and experience engaging in the investment sectors. And in 2014 he had a switch in career and joined AXA Financial Indonesia as an Agency Director to grow the business for AXA in Indonesia.

Finally in 2019 he has joined RKG Capital Indonesia as the Head Of Indonesia & Senior Wealth Manager to develop and grow the business in Indonesia. With his years of experience we are confident that RKG Capital Indonesia is going to be a game changer in its league of Private Wealth Management.


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